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Midland Steel Builds Innovative, Self-Sustaining Condominium Community

Midland Steel Can Handle Your Unique Design Luxury can mean a lot of different things. To some people, it’s a view of Central Park in New York City, and to others, it may mean a sprawling ranch in Texas. For a lucky few people, luxury means self-sustaining comfort in light  Continue Reading »

The Renewable Benefits of Choosing Structural Steel

Structural Steel is Sustainable and Durable The construction of a 2,000-square foot home requires between 50 and 60 trees, equal to about an acre of wooded area. When you compare that impact on the environment, versus the use of structural steel, it’s easy to see the benefits of steel. The  Continue Reading »

Are You Considering Building a Steel Structure?

The Benefits of Choosing a Steel Structure for Your Project A steel structure supports a building that is light, airy and allows for a unique and creative approach to building design. It is also one of the most sustainable choices, featuring both durability and strength, as well as the ability  Continue Reading »

5 Things You Can do to Keep Your Construction Project on Schedule

Good Communication is Key to Efficient Construction Projects A steel construction project is known for its efficiency and cost effectiveness. It’s probably one of the key reasons you’ve chosen to work with a steel fabrication and erection company to complete your project. As with any project, there’s always a risk  Continue Reading »

Construction Costs: Why Choosing the Lowest Bid May Make Your Project Costs Go Up

Cutting Construction Costs Could Affect Your Project Cutting construction costs is often a priority when designing and building a new structure. But accepting the lowest bid on your steel project is not usually the best option as you strive for a project that will be efficient and done with quality.  Continue Reading »