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New Steel Tariff Good For Long-Term, Despite Short-Term Complications

On March 1, President Donald Trump announced the introduction of a 25% tariff on all imported steel. The news created widespread discussion around the impact the steel tariff would have on the domestic steel industry.

Why Designing for Galvanizing Requires Special Knowledge and Techniques

Choosing structural materials for your building project involves some of the biggest decisions you’ll make. While designing for galvanizing requires special techniques and knowledge, it offers a variety of critical benefits for your project that include:

  • Lower
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Your Steel Fabrication Company Should Help You Avoid Errors and Delays

There are a lot of decisions to make early in a building project, and one of the key choices is your steel fabrication company. It’s tempting to choose based on cost alone, but if you do,

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Structural Steel is Made in America

If you’re planning a building project, one of the early decisions to be made is choosing materials for the structure. Whether it’s a commercial building or a residential community, structural steel is an ideal choice for your project. Did you know

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Northwest Missouri State’s Hughes Field House Construction Project Well Under Way

Midland Steel is excited to be part of a construction project for Northwest Missouri State in Maryville, Missouri. The new Hughes Field House is being built by E.L. Crawford Construction and Midland Steel is the steel fabricator and erector