Professional Football Team Hires Local Contractor Midland Steel Midland Steel was chosen to fabricate and erect ad boards in the West end zone of Arrowhead Stadium. The project involved taking down the existing steel, and then fabricating the new structure. Midland Steel began the project in June, and it wasRead More
construction project
A Construction Project That Resulted in a Vibrant Community With Incredible Amenities While you might still smell the scent of roasted coffee at Roaster’s Block, it’s now because of the upscale coffee bar, which serves brews from Messenger Coffee Co. in Kansas City. It’s just one of the amazing amenitiesRead More
self-sustaining condominium
Midland Steel Can Handle Your Unique Design Luxury can mean a lot of different things. To some people, it’s a view of Central Park in New York City, and to others, it may mean a sprawling ranch in Texas. For a lucky few people, luxury means self-sustaining comfort in lightRead More
structural steel
Structural Steel is Sustainable and Durable The construction of a 2,000-square foot home requires between 50 and 60 trees, equal to about an acre of wooded area. When you compare that impact on the environment, versus the use of structural steel, it’s easy to see the benefits of steel. TheRead More
structural steel
Recycling is at the Top of the List For Reasons to Use Structural Steel Structural steel has a lot of great qualities. It’s adaptable for custom design, its standard fittings make it easy to renovate or update and its composition makes it resistant to corrosion and rusting. It is alsoRead More